The Rules and Conditions of the resort shall apply to and be binding upon all guests and property entering the resort. Help us to ensure that your stay is safe and comfortable by complying with the following rules and conditions. By booking your holiday with us the guest automatically acknowledges and agrees to abide by these rules and conditions.

1. Right of admission reserved. The right is reserved to order any guest off the resort who renders him/herself guilty of violating any of the general rules regarding accommodation, facilities, camping

2. Payments: 50% Deposit of total amount must be paid not later than 48 hours after booking confirmation is send. Booking number must be used as reference Confirmation of reservation will be mailed after payment is received. Final payment of outstanding amount 14 days before arrival.

3. Employees of the resort. Employees of the resort shall not be used, supervised, or any other manners by guests. All requests, complaints or problems must be discussed/report with management for action or solving of problems.

4. Stands: Please report at reception before entering camp site.

5. Only marked stands for 1 Caravan or Tent. The Caravan site / Stand is for a family of 4 people (maximum 6 people) 1 Caravan + Tent and 1 Vehicle. Extra persons are R50 per night per person and R50 per night per additional vehicle.

6. Groundsheets: Only open weaved groundsheets.

7. No installations or alterations are allowed on any property of the resort.

8. Chalets: All chalets are equipped with cutlery, crockery, bath towels and linen (No swimming towels)

9. Chalets are strictly according to the number of beds. 1 Bedroom - 2 Persons 2 Bedroom - 4/6 persons (Inclusive of children) 1 Double bed, 2 single beds and 1 sleeper couch.

10. Do not move furniture or bedding from the original place. (To prevent wear and tear on the furniture and interior of the chalets.)

11. Laundry: There is an enclosed laundry area for washing and ironing at a charge. Please arrange for it to be done at reception. Not on Weekends) No washing lines Please.

12. Cutlery and crockery must not be used outside away from the chalets area.

13. Visitors: Stands and Chalets. You will be allowed on request to have day visitors from 08h00 in the morning until 17h00 in the afternoon. Entrée fees for these visitors will be R50 per vehicle and R50 per person entering the resort. No Overnight Visitors will be allowed if not arranged with management and tariffs not paid in at Vance.

14. The Maximum Speed Limit on the resort is 20 km/h and applies to moving vehicles of any type or size. Any person operating a motor vehicle must have a valid driver’s license. Pedestrians and animals have always the right of way

15. Respect other guests and their property. Use roads and trails rather than cutting trough sites.

16. Do not cut on or down any trees or plants on the resort.

17. Anyone destroying any property or trespassing on posted property shall be responsible for the damages and shall be evicted immediately.

18. No pellet guns or any item that projects any projectile are allowed in the resort. Firearms must always be in safekeeping by owner and is not allowed to be used in the resort.

19. No pets allowed on the resort. Any damages caused by the animal, including any type of cleaning, replacement, additional cleaning and pest treatment, even if not discovered the owner or occupant shall be liable for all above.

20. Secure personal property and valuables. The resort and owner/management will not be liable for any damages, lost, stolen or left behind items of any kind

21. Parents are responsible for the actions of and the safety of their children.

22. Excessive drinking, intoxication, or drug use will not be tolerated.

23. El Rancho is a family resort .Appropriate language and acceptable behavior must be maintained at all times.

24. Music: When your neighbors can hear it, it is too loud.

25. Obey all common rules, safety rules by all different facilities.

  • No private drinks allowed at the pool area  or restaurant.
  • No eating or drinking in the swimming pools.
  • No smoking in swimming pools

26. Smoking: Sorry smokers. No smoking allowed in all buildings of the resort. No smoking on trampolines.

27. Fires: Only in braaiers or at boma.

28. Electricity: Bela Bela Municipality provides El Rancho with electricity. The resort can not be held responsible for power failures. All ablution facilities has however standby power.

29. Key deposit of R300 cash will be paid on arrival and refund will be done on departure. Make sure you hand your keys in before you departure.

30. Time: Arrival = 14h00 till 20h00. ( Prior arrangement pse for latecomers)
Departure = Chalets - 12h00 / Camp sites - 12h00
Office = 07h30 till 16h30
Gate = 07h00 till 20h00
We reserve the right to maintain a comfortable atmosphere in the resort and have the right to expel anyone who, in our judgment, creates a disturbance or nuisance, or deliberately breaks the rules.

Deposit and Refund Policies

Reservation: 50% Deposit at time of booking and final payment 14 days before arrival. Confirmation of reservation will be mailed after deposit payment is received.
Refunds are only done if notified 30 days or more prior to reservation date. Less than 30 days only 60% refund. Cancelations are subject to R200 service fee.

Indemnity: The resort and its Management accept no responsibility for any injury, death or illness sustained or suffered by any person arising from the use of any facility or by any other means; Any theft, loss or damage to property occurring within any visit to the resort caused and whether allegedly due to negligence of the resort or its servants.